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English For Academic Purpose Essay Writing

Academic writing has become an issue that causes worry and confusion for students. A small scale survey shows that students problems in writing are as follows: limited vocabulary 8%, difficulty in organizing ideas 16%, no ideas to write about 20%, no mativation to write 20%, and lack of confidence in grammar 36%. English for Academic Purposes: Essay Writing is a very pratical book, giving solutions to these problems. This book on academic writing is suitably used by students majoring in English, English course students, non-English students who want to write essays in English, those who want to take postgraduate courses abroad, and English language teachers. This book covers very valueble topics, such as basic principles in academic writing, meaningful reading for writing, writing an introduction, writing citations, data gathering, commenting on data, writing references , and revising and editing. English for Academic Purposes: Essay writing is designed by experienced English lecturers in writing in addition, these materials have been tried out in classes at Maranatha Christian Unversity ans STP Bandung. This second adition is updated according to precise terminology and the conventions the current MLA and APA styles of writing.


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